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Free 4-Day Live Training

  Zoom Livestream

8.00pm (GMT+8) Onwards Each Day
23rd October to 26th October 2021

Here are 5 Things
You Can Expect From This Training.

I’ll show you how to

  • Increase your productivity without burning out
  • Design a ‘regret-proof’ plan for the next 12 months
  • A proven system to go into ‘deep-focus’ mode no matter how distracting your environment is
  • ​The tiny hinges that will result in the biggest amount of change in terms of personal, spiritual and financial growth
  • ​Tap into your most valuable resource and unleash it’s full potential – your time 
The building blocks of this training are based on the  Art of Date Selection 擇日學, but the applications will be designed to help you make 2022 your BEST YEAR EVER.
P.S. If you do sign up, please show up. Otherwise, do save the seat for someone else as we’ve got a cap on the attendee numbers. Thanks.

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Everything in the telegram channel has always been free and the 4-day training will also be completely FREE. We’ll be launching a new transformational program at the end of this training. If you find value in this training and wish to explore further, all we ask is for you to consider me and my team to be your guide.
I’m Joey Yap and since 2000, I’ve been working with thousands of business owners, professionals and folks who want to get more out of their lives using Chinese Metaphysics. I’ve published 186 books in the subjects of BaZi, Feng Shui and Qi Men Dun Jia. I'm also the founder of the Joey Yap Academy where we teach Chinese Metaphysics, but what we really offer is life transformation.  

Welcome to my new training, the Life Planning Blueprint.

See you in class.
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