Participate With Your Entire Household | 19th to 21st Nov 2021
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Come With Your Dreams. Leave With A Plan

3-Day Livestream Event

DAY 1: 19th Nov 2021 (FRI) | 7PM  (GMT +8)
DAY 2: 20th Nov 2021 (SAT) | 1PM   (GMT +8)
DAY 3: 21st Nov 2021 (SUN) | 1PM  (GMT +8)

  • Discover the hidden opportunities of the next 12 months
  • Navigate and overcome your biggest challenges
  • Make 2022 your best year ever
  • Discover the hidden opportunities of the next 12 months
  • Navigate and overcome your biggest challenges
  • Make 2022 your best year ever

2022 And Beyond

2020 will be remembered as the year where you trashed all your plans and had to rework from the ground up. The challenges were unprecedented and up till now, still leave a lot of uncertainty in the room.

The world is adjusting, and in time will get back on its feet. It’s a hard-reset button that has put almost everyone back on the starting line. What this means is, if you’ve been looking for a second chance to start it right... this is it. 

Whether it’s a new chapter in your career, the next phase of growth in your business, or simply a fresh start into living with your spouse or kids now that you’re seeing them more often. One thing for sure is that Thrive will prepare you for a phenomenal transformation in the aspects that you’re focused on. 

THIS YEAR, more than ever... starting ahead, and staying ahead will be crucial for everything you have wanted to achieve, to overcome or have desired for the next decade. Get the clarity you need, develop the courage to move forward overcoming your biggest fears, and achieve the breakthroughs that will set you up for the years to come.

Thrive 2022 is where the next stage of your life begins.

Come With Your Dreams. 
Leave With A Plan.

We’ll give you the tools to convert your desires into actionable steps. Move from a struggling or survival stage into a thriving one. And, it’s easier than you think.
THRIVE 2022, our flagship event, will help you determine that future by formulating a unique roadmap for deciding what to let go of, what to add, and what to keep in the new life that awaits you.

Your 3-Day Breakthrough Starts Now

  • Self-Mastery By Understanding Your True Passion And Purpose Using Bazi & The 10 Gods
  • ​Discover The New Skills That You Should Develop Based On Your 10 Profiles For 2022 & Beyond
  • Navigate Treacherous Waters And Challenges Ahead By Recognizing Clashes, Combos and Changes In Your Personal BaZi, Feng Shui & QiMen Charts
  • Acquire The Courage, Confidence and Clarity Using Qi Men Dun Jia To Crush Your Goals 
  • ​Master The Art Of Good Timing For Major Life Events & Pivotal Moments Using The Art Of Chinese Date Selection 
  • Tap Into The Power Of Your Environment & Feng Shui To Support Your Endeavors In Relationships, Health and Wealth
“Don't let others tell you what you can't do or the limitations of our circumstances limit your vision.” NOW is the time to step up and reach out to achieve your dreams and take control of your destiny with Joey Yap’s Thrive 2022.

What people are saying

Chooi Lee

My first Thrive 2020 left me with an impression how creative & extensive in how Dato shared his knowledge , his life experiences and the applications we can do to our life.

My take from this is to face challenges without fear and see it as INTERESTING :)

YS Consultancy

In Thrive 2020 happening now and over 3 days in KLCC before 1,500 people and from 15 countries from around the World, Dato Joey Yap delivers.

Yesterday, in his reading for those who came up to ask him for personal consults but projected to all 1,500 present to learn. Interesting & remarkable sharing...!

Joey Yap has taken Chinese Metaphysics beyond realm of superstitions, hearsay and into the realm of logic, science as well as a respected tool and art of diagnosis and assessment. My deepest respect to this.

Best of Thriver's

William Loo, Malaysia

 An Amazing Learning Experience, A Spiritual Transformation

Jennel Cheng, Phillippines

I Discovered My Past, Present and Future At THRIVE

June Lee, Malaysia

 I Instantly Understood How To Transform My Life

Tiny Tweaks for a
Remarkable November

Date: 11 November 2021
Time: 8.30PM (GMT +8)


It's not too late to embrace change. No matter how affected you were by the pandemic, there is always the opportunity to get back on your feet and bounce back stronger than ever. During the 3-day THRIVE 2021 online event, you'll be given the tools you need to make this happen.

Each year, more than 2,000 over attendees from around the world fly in to attend the THRIVE physical event. This year’s going to be different as you get to participate from the safety of your own home. THRIVE 2021 online event will give you the optics to not only be aware of the global changing trends, but a blueprint to turn available opportunities into actionable choices.


  • An in-depth look at the year of the Metal Ox and the big changes that's coming in 2021 from multiple perspectives
  • A detailed BaZi analysis of the 12 Animal Signs' opportunities and challenges in the new norm
  • Actionable Qi Men Dun Jia strategies tailored specifically to your personal Destiny Chart
  • Goal-based Feng Shui applications on how to accelerate your progress from struggling, surviving and thriving
  • ​How to make full use of your personalized Thrive 2021 report and utilize the game changers to your advantage
  • ​Identify the opportunities present in the days, months and year of 2021
  • ​Paving the path of the road to recovery in a post-crisis world
  • ​Strategic planning on what your next steps should be based on where you are right now
  • ​Turning disadvantages and setbacks into valuable opportunity to get ahead of the competition

Replay Is Available

If you miss the LIVE session, a scheduled one-time replay will be made available to you within 30 days of the event. You will be provided some date options to choose from.

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We Teach Chinese Metaphysics. But What We Really Offer Is Life Transformation.

Founded in 2000, we’re an institution dedicated to the study and research of subjects including Feng Shui, BaZi (Chinese Astrology), Qi Men Dun Jia, The Chinese Art of Face Reading, Date Selection and many more.

We’ve had the privilege of guiding thousands of students from all over the world and are creators of programs such as Grow Rich With BaZi™, BaZi Academy™, Feng Shui Academy™, QiMen Academy™, and Design Your Destiny™ just to name a few.

Based in Malaysia and Singapore, we’re working hard every minute to demystify this subject (eliminate the Woo-Woo’s), to change people’s perception (the wrong ones) and hopefully, one day to bring this into mainstream.

Meet Joey Yap
A Message From Our Founder
Hello I’m Joey Yap and thank you for visiting this page.
I believe that our only purpose in life is to discover our destiny and live it the fullest. In fact, I believe we have to take responsibility for ourselves because the system is broken. No one is destined to be a failure, but it’s also true that no one is going to save you.

That’s why, we must learn to make life work for us, grow not just our bank account but our wisdom, and capacity as a person. Most of all, we must learn to protect our wealth, children and our legacy.

Wishing you the best.

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