missing our emails lately?

Whitelist our email address and you'll never miss important announcements - free email trainings, event updates and giveaways from us.


Whitelisting an email involves telling your email provider that you want emails from us to be allowed into your inbox rather than being filtered into spam.


Whitelisting is a quick, one-time-only task where you just need to add our email addresses into your safelist.

Here are simple instructions on how to ensure that future emails get delivered straight to the inbox, in some of the most popular email providers that you are using.

GMAIL Whitelist Procedure

1. From your inbox screen, select Settings (gear icon).
2. Select See all settings.
3. Select Filters and Blocked Addresses from the navigation links at the top.
4. Select Create a new filter.
5. In the Search mail form, enter these domain names: joeyyapacademy.com, joeyyap.com, masteryacademy.com and select Create filter.
6. On the next form, select Never send it to Spam. Finally, click Create filter.

HOTMAIL / OUTLOOK Whitelist Procedure

1. Click the settings gear icon at the top right of Outlook.com.
2. Click View all Outlook settings at the bottom of the pop-out menu.
3. Go to Mail > Junk email.
4. Under Safe senders and domains, key in joeyyapacademy.com
5. Click Add
6. Continue step 4 and 5 with these 2 domain names: joeyyap.com and masteryacademy.com
 address or domain into the text box in the Safe senders area.
7. Click Save

YAHOO Whitelist Procedure

1. Select the Gear icon in the upper right corner of your inbox and click or tap More Settings.
2. Select Filters from the left navigation menu then Add new filters.
3. In the Add a new filter form, give the filter a name and key in: joeyyapacademy.com, joeyyap.com, masteryacademy.com 
4. Click Save